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Professional Portfolio

Below are a few examples of my work as a copywriter. My professional experience is mostly in newsletters, email campaigns, finance, fintech, and investing. I have years of experience with multiple marketing platforms such as Iterable, SalesForce, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp.

Newsletter/Email Editorial:

In today’s digital age, news travels at breakneck speed, bombarding us with a constant stream of information. This relentless flow can be overwhelming, making it difficult to distinguish between genuine news and misinformation, often called “fake news.” But fear not, there’s a solution: Brief Updates is here to cut through the noise and deliver the news that truly matters, keeping you informed without the information overload.

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John Denton’s “Local Conservative” email newsletter is a must-read for over 223,000 engaged subscribers. It delivers the latest Washington news each day, analyzing its impact on small towns nationwide. Denton’s sharp wit and insightful commentary make Local Conservative a growing source of information for people across the country.

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In today’s world, news can feel like a never-ending stream of the bizarre and baffling. But hey, even the most outrageous headlines can be strangely captivating, right? We get it! That’s why we created SMH News, a daily dose of the most interesting, sometimes head-scratching, news stories. With over 168,000 curious readers, we dish the dirt on who said what, who did what, and everything in between – all with a healthy dose of humor. It’s informative, entertaining, and definitely won’t put you to sleep.

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Finance, Fintech, and Investing:

What Kind of Trader Are You?

Candlestick Charts Don’t Have To Be Complicated

Does Your Broker Fit Your Trading Needs?

How We Find the Daily Direction

Full resume and professional references available upon request